I am a Dublin based photographer with a great love of black and white landscape photography. I was born in 1969 and have lived all my life in Ireland. I began taking pictures on an old Olympus Om10 35mm camera, then switched to a digital Canon Eos 20D and then recently switched back to film again. I currently use an old Bronica 120mm medium format camera but I still shoot digitally as well. I tend to use Kodak Tri-X 400 speed film most of the time but I have been known to diversify from time to time.

I shot exclusively in black & white simply because I love the thought process involved in visualizing a scene in a monochromatic style. I have always found it more challenging to look at a scene and then consider the likes of contrast, texture and tone. Black & white photography really does make you think about a photograph for a considerable length of time before you actually press that shutter button. I have always found the longer you look at a scene through a camera lens the better the resulting photograph will be. I have always had a great love of high contrast photography which started many years ago when I first set eyes on an Ansel Adams landscape. He has been a huge inspiration to many photographers over the years and I would have to include myself in that list.

I currently print all my own work in a traditional wet darkroom by hand.

I used to run a music store in Dublin called Road Records but that sadly closed down in 2010.

I also run a blog called Visions Of The Phoenix Park, dedicated to the largest enclosed park in Europe. It’s called the Phoenix Park and lies just outside Dublin city centre. You can read my blog by clicking this link.

You can contact me by email by clicking this link

Exhibition History

2012 – Workmans Club, Dublin – 25 large format framed prints featuring digital photographs from various locations in Ireland.

2012 – Sheelagh Na Gig Bookshop in Cloughjordan, Tipperary – 45 various sized framed prints featuring photographs from Cloughjordan, Phoenix Park, County Mayo and County Donegal.

2012 – Phoenix Park Visitor Centre, Dublin – 2 large framed prints as part of a group show competition to celebrate the 350th anniversary of The Phoenix Park.

2013 – Phoenix Park Visitor Centre – A solo exhibition of photographs from the Phoenix Park. The exhibition will feature 20 / 30 large framed prints of the park and will run throughout the month of January 2013.